Fashion styles from the 1990s

Here are some fashion trends / styles from the 1990s!

Here's Jesse Spano from Saved by the Bell wearing a "scrunchie" in her hair:


Overalls were a big hit in the 90s! Here's a picture of boy band 'N Sync, who formed back in 1995:


Overalls were also popular among women, as is evident by this photograph of R&B group TLC:

The grunge fashion style rose to prominence in 1992. It was aided and inspired by bands such as Nirvana. Note the ripped jeans and flannel shirts!


Here's famous child actor Jonathan Brandis wearing a baggy flannel shirt:

Jonathan Brandis

I don't even know where to begin with this one:

1990s fashion

By now, you're probably starting to remember just how colorful and baggy everything was. Here's Will Smith sporting an early 90s hip hop look:

Hip Hop

Denim was also pretty big:

Denim in the 1990s

Here's Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell wearing a full denim outfit:

Denim outfit

Khacki slacks also became popular in America as the Preppy look came into fashion:


A 90s wool sweater from The Gap:

Wool Sweater 1990s

Now that's vintage stuff right there!

Wooly jumper

As you can see, people weren't afraid of bright colors in the 90s:

Colorful 90s clothes

In fact, some people weren't afraid of anything:


Demin overalls. Cap turned backwards. Need I say more?

Denim hat and overalls

Khacki cargo shorts became popular in mens fashion the late 90s:

cargo shorts

Air Jordan XI's from 1995:

Air Jordan

Who could forget the colorful bomber jackets?

Bomber Jacket

This is from the 1991 Spring Neiman Marcus catalog. The text beside it reads: "In lagoon-blue fugi silk: The unconstructed two-button blazer, and trousers with double-reverse front pleats. Pivotal short-sleeved T-shirt is black silk knit."


Adidas tracksuit pants that had buttons along the side of the legs. You could open these up on a warm day and the end of your pants would swing around awkwardly. These things were extremely sore if your leg happened to press up against a hard surface while you were sitting down. Wearing these also left you open to the possibility that somebody would tug at them and open all of the buttons:

90s tracksuit

Remember having these trainers / runners / sneakers as a kid? It didn't matter if they weren't stylish or whatever. They had lights!

sneakers with lights

Tinted sunglasses were also pretty big in the 90s:

tinted sunglasses 90s

Blossom and her hats:


A pair of Nike Air Minot from 1997:

Nike Air 1997

A typical cropped cardigan:

More denim!


A pair of Nike Air Unlimited from 1994:

Nike Air Unlimited

A pantsuit from the 1991 Neiman Marcus spring catalog:


Hanson, who formed back in 1992:


Here's Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen wearing early fashion from the early 90s:

Boys fashion

From the movie Clueless, which was aired back in 1995:


A 90s polo shirt:

90s polo shirt

Some colorful leggings from the 1990s:


Oh God:


More colorful outfits:


A snapshot of a Melrose Place episode. Melrose place ran from 1992 until 1999. Notice the cropped black top and jeans:

Melrose Place

More early 90s fashion from Married with Children, a show that ran from 1987 until 1999.

Married with children

I think we'll leave it at that:

Clarissa explains it all

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  1. Aren't those all fashions recycled from the previous four decades?
    I can't remember anything particularly new or distinct in the 90s.

  2. I take it these pictures are American.....we weren't dressing like that in the UK in the 90's and leggings similar to that went out in the early eighties over here.

  3. I nearly cried tears of joy seeing that last picture of Clarissa and Sam. Clarissa Explains It All was one of my all-time favorite shows when I was in elementary school. I think that show is the reason I've always wanted to live in a two-story house and have my bedroom on the second floor--who doesn't want a friend that climbs in through your window by ladder, even if your parents don't forbid you from hanging out with him and have no problem with him?

    Hi Sam!

    *guitar chord* Hi Clarissa.