First PS1 demo - European version

The original Sony PlayStation console was released in the US and Europe in 1995. This was back when "Gangsta's Paradise" and Take That's "Back for Good" were sitting on top of the singles charts. Some of the launch titles for the PS1 were Doom, Ridge Racer, Philosoma and Battle Arena Toshinden.

One thing that I think a lot of people will vividly remember is the demo that came packaged with the console:

Boasting a memorable soundtrack, "Demo 1" gave the player limited access to games such as:

Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee:
The award-winning 2D platform game about a fictional world consisting of Mudokons and enemy "Sligs".

Abes Oddysee

Disney's Hercules:
A game where you took control of Hercules, son of Zeus. After being stripped of his godhood, Hercules must prove his worthiness in order regain his status.


Lifeforce Tenka:
Tenka was a first person shooter that was set in the future. Throughout the game, you encounter flying robots and other bipedal creatures as you try to put a stop to Trojan Incorporated's evil activities.

Porsche Challenge:
1997 game where you took the driving seat of several Porsche Boxters. You might remember the fact that each opposition driver had a unique character (and color) and that you'd often hear them making remarks about other drivers throughout the race.

Porsche Challenge PS1

Rage Racer:
Rage Racer was apart of the Ridge Racer series. In this game, you could win "credits" by winning races.

Rage Racer

Rapid Racer:
A motorboat racing game. This was called "Turbo Prop Racing" in America. By winning races, you could earn money and upgrade your motorboat.

Rapid Racer

This was called "Intelligent Cube" in North America. In this game, you controlled a character that had to run through several platforms that were made out of cubes.


This was called "Shipwreckers!" in North America. In this game, you were a pirate ship that was manned by three pirates (you'd see them during cutscenes). This was a top-down adventure game.


Here's the first level of Abe's Odyssey:

This post wouldn't be complete without some footage of the famous T-Rex that you could watch walking around:

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