Garfield and Friends

The cartoon series "Garfield and Friends" began back in 1988, the same year the movies Die Hard and Beetlejuice were released. This was also the same year that "Boyz II Men" formed and "Faith" by George Michael was sitting on top of the US singles charts.

Garfield and Friends

Garfield and Friends was based on the comic strip Garfield, which was first published on the 19th of June, 1978 (if you remember, this was a few days after notorious serial killer "Son of Sam" had been sentenced to 365 years in prison).

With characters such Garfield, the fat tabby cat and Jon Arbuckle, his owner, Garfield and Friends spanned 7 seasons and 121 episodes before concluding in December, 1994. You might also remember Odie, the dumb-but-caring beagle that Garfield was always making fun of. Then there was the grey tabby Nermal, who Garfield was jealous of because Jon had labeled him "the world's cutest kitten".

And who could forget Herman Post, the mailman that Garfield was constantly setting traps for?

Here's the entire first episode, complete with the famous intro:

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