The VHS Casette

Between 1997 and 1999, the DVD started to arrive on the scene as a movie delivery medium. This spelled the beginning of the end for the trusted VHS cassette that we had all grown to love and, um, hate.

VHS Cassette

Do you remember renting one of these and hoping that the previous person had re-winded it before bringing it back to the store? Remember turning the two white things with your fingers? Did you ever have to open up the top and blow on the film because the quality of the video was screwed up?

Videocassette recorders (VCRS) and cassettes appeared on the market back in the late 70s. They were released in Japan in 1976, America in 1977 and Europe in 1978. Their decline started in the late 90s, as the DVD took over and stores stopped stocking them. By the mid-2000s, Hollywood studios had stopped offering their movies in VHS format, with the last one being the 2005 film "A History of Violence".

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