The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Pete & Pete began their journey back in 1989; the same year that Madonna's "Like a Prayer" sat on top of the US singles charts and "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" was in movie theaters.

Pete and Pete

The show centered around the two Wrigley brothers, who were both named Pete. Big Pete was the show's main narrator. He often came across as the only sane person in the show.

Little Pete, on the other hand, was often engaged in battles with adults and authority figures. You might also remember the fact that he had a tattoo of a woman, which he called Petunia:


Here's the intro for the show:

Here's an episode called "Hard Day's Pete", in which Little Pete owns and operates a radio station called WART Radio Station:

Here's what they look like now:

Little Pete (Danny Tamberelli):

Danny Tamberelli now

Big Pete (Mike Maronna):

Mike Maronna now

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