Toys from the 1990s

The ultimate list of toys and games from the 90s!

The super soaker was a "souped-up" water gun that was extremely popular throughout the nineties. If you were equipped with one of these in a water fight, the rest of your opponents were no match (especially if they were using one of those DIY water bottles with the small hole in the cap).

Originally launched in 1993, Beanie Babies were a line of soft toys that included characters such as "Legs the Frog" and "Squealer the Pig". Ty Warner Inc., the company that made them, deliberately made some of the characters scarce in order to increase their value as a collectable.

Celebrities, then and now.

You might find this post interesting: Actors - Then and now. A lot of pictures of seemingly forgotten actors who have aged considerably since you last saw them on the big screen! Few examples:

The rest can be found here.

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